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Betty White Sex Photos and Pictures Exposed Betty White Sex Photos and Pictures Exposed
Oh Betty, say it ain’t so! In news that would make Blanche Devereaux blush, Word on The Goss Wire has it that vintage saucy images of a young Betty White and her late husband, television game show host Allen Ludden, being intimate have surfaced and are presently being shopped around Hollywood.

Watch Betty White Sex Photos and Video Here

Eek! What kind of disciples of Satan would want to publicly humiliate Betty White?!

Betty’s certainly no stranger to a nude photo controversy. She posed topless as the 9 of Hearts for a non-pornographic deck of playing cards released when the senior sweetie was still a struggling actress in the 1940s. Betty made a Golden Girls promo trip to NBC’s Late Night with David Letterman in 1986, where the staff shagger showed her the infamous card. A shamefaced Betty initially denied it was her before jokingly admitting to Letterman: “It does look like me except the ear muffs would not have been there they would have been here.” She pointed at her breasts.

The new nudes are said to be much revealing.

Watch Betty White Sex Photos and Video Here

According to indutry tattles who have been contacted by the agents in possession of the alleged photos, four pictures of Allen and Betty having sex were recently discovered in an abandoned box belonging to the now 88-year-old comedy legend.

“The box was supposedly left behind at her old house along with other memorabilia,” according to, who landed the scoop.

No word on when the pictures were taken, but Allen who hosted the television quiz show Password passed away after a lengthy battle against stomach cancer in 1981.

In the past year, Betty has single-handedly managed to make senior citizens the new Hollywood socialite. “I’m such a whore, I can’t say no,” is how White describes her ascent to America’s Sweetheart status at the ripe old age of 88. Can’t argue with that. In honor of Betty’s awesomeness, mark your calendars for tomorrow night’s series premiere (10 PM) of the new TV Land comedy series Hot In Cleveland, featuring Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick.

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