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hi folks today I am going to provide you my honest review regarding Hostgator and Hostgator Coupon Code 2011 ,100% working
so lets start with the review plus then my Hostgator Coupon Code 2011.

1- The Plans:

Hostgator has 3 Hosting plans.

1st graph is Hatchling graph, 1 single domain plus infinite Bandwidth and disk space for 3.96/month.

2nd graph is Baby plan, unlimited domains plus Bandwidth And disk space for 6.36/month. (very rocmanded)

3ed graph is business graph, unlimited domains and Bandwidth Plus disk space + Free privet SSL and IP for 10.36/month.

My advice is getting the Baby plan when you have small business site like AdSense site or review site, and most of Internet marketers going behind this graph, and you’ll like it a lot more after you observe my Hostgator Coupon Code 2011 you will notice unbelievable prices.

2- The features:

Hostgator has plenty of fantastic plus unbelievable features:

1- Infinite disk space plus Bandwidth for all Plans.

2- Free site builder with more 4500 free ready to use templates (huge time saver).

3- Cpanel for all Plans and this is excellent feature. Cpanel will allow to mange your site as easy as 1.2.3 it will allow mange your files your
E-mails and create the most popular scripts (WordPress – Joomla etc) in few clicks also it will allow you see the stats of the site plus much more.

4- Hostgator gives 99.9% uptime guarantee. whech means your site are going to be online forever.

5- Hostgator also provides 45 day a refund guarantee in case you didn’t like there services.

6- The support of Hostgator Working 24/7/365 by live chat or E-mail or support tickets or by phone.

Hostgator Coupon Code 2011they takes just 30 seconds !!!!! to answer your questions.

7- 0 Google AdWords Credit plus that is the the largest part valuable one, it will help you publish your site plus get targeted visitors to your site from google AdWords.

8- Unlimited E-mails Accounts for All plans.

9- Infinite MySQL Databases for All plans.

10- Hostgator also creates a backup of the site just in case you lost a number of your data, it is possible for you to to recover it in several clicks.

11- also Hostgator creates infinite sub domains.

and thats it as you observe above there are a lot of features plus It is my opinion behind reading this you’re very exciting to find out more about Hostgator. so lets move to the Awards of Hostgator.

3- The Awards:

Hostgator got over 40 awards from all major review sites and companies and here are some of those awards:

1- 2011 Best Free Website Transfer Service

2- 2011 Best Small Business Web web hosting

3- 2011 Code of Conduct Award by Web Hosting Search

plus much more if need to see all the awards visit Hostgator Review page, you will find also a ton of users review and testimonial.

4- Inside Hostgator Controle panel:

It is my opinion it is certainly good to see what you are going to buy so here is a screenshot from my Hostgator account:

5- conclusion:

so in conclusion and after using and testing a ton of hosting companies I find that Hostgator is your best option for each think you need plus I advice each one want to make your website to get an account in Hostgator.

so if you want more informations regarding hostgator and Hostgator Coupon Code 2011 visit my site

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  • Anonymous says:

    How can I automatically detach a file from an email and save it to a web folder?
    I have a couple websites hosted with different hosting providers (one with Go Daddy and one with HostGator). I want to be able to email a specific address (that I would create on one of those sites), and emails to that address would get automatically “processed” by some kind of script as follows: if there is an attachment on the email, it would get saved to a specific directory on the web server, and then a row would get added to a MySQL database to indicate the file is there. The challenging part will be monitoring for an incoming email and then managing the attachment. Is there a website where I could find a script that might help me with this?

    (The reason I am doing this is b/c the iPhone will let me email photos but not upload them to a website, so I want to email vacation photos while I am away and have them get processed and uploaded to a website so they can be viewed.)


    March 17, 2012 at 4:59 pm

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