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Since there are millions of websites that exist on the web, domain names need to be unique and memorable in order to avoid confusion and to direct traffic to the right webpage. Usually, the websites that you would see are registered domain names, and the good ones are rarely available. To avoid this dilemma, doing a domain name ownership search, or the WHOIS search, will help you in creating your own name.

The World Wide Web has an organized protocol that enforces the need to register a domain name in order to keep the system organized. This requires owners to disclose s 00004000 ome personal information that are related to the domain name they choose to register. All internet users have the right to find out who owns the site address or the domain name, and his contact details. Since domain names have to be registered, they also have to be renewed, depending on the registry conditions provided by the accredited domain name registrar. Owners have to renew their registration on or before the expiry period, or the registrar will have the right to resell the domain name to other interested parties.

In the domain name ownership search, a person can obtain the name of a domain name owner or registrant and contact information. This gives probable buyers a chance to negotiate with owners on the purchase of the domain name. It can be done through different websites of accredited domain name registrars. All you need to do is type in WHOIS search on the keyword field of a search engine to find the addresses for such websites.

  • Mario says:

    Is GoDaddy a good domain registrar?
    I’ve heard it’s good, but has terrible Customer Service. If my domain is about to expire, will it handle this for me? Would you recommend GoDaddy? I’m thinking that maybe I should register with HostGator. Is GoDaddy only good for its speed? When the nameservers are transferred to HostGator, will HostGator handle the payments? Sorry, I’m new to this. x_x

    August 9, 2011 at 8:02 am

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