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Men are often like a maze to us. One day we feel as though we're completely on the right path because our guy seems happy and fulfilled. The next day arrives and it appears as though we've wandered off into the darkness as he's pulled back or becomes distant and critical. It's difficult to know how to react when your man's mood shifts and he won't share what he's feeling with you. Contrary to popular opinion, many men do feel things very deeply. Men can also be incredibly fickle when it comes to love and romance. If your guy shuts down and won't share what's going on in his heart and in his head, you don't have to continue feeling frustrated and lost. Women actually have an innate ability to get their man to express what he feels. You just need to know what to do to get the man you love to feel so close to you that sharing with you becomes normal, natural and extraordinarily comfortable.

Show Him That You're Completely and Utterly Accepting

One of the main reasons many men don't share their feeling s unconditionally with their mate is that they fear they won't be accepted. If you are the type of woman who is painfully honest that can work against you when it comes to building a strong communication connection with your man. It's obviously very important to always be as honest as possible within your relationship but if your man feels that you are going to criticize him, he'll pull back and shut you out.

You can build a strong base of acceptance if you show him that you love him just as he is. Don't try and change the man he is and don't make derogatory comments about him or the choices he has made in his life.

One area that can hugely impact your own connection with your current love is if you have become someone who constantly reminds him how foolish it was to get involved with his ex girlfriend. Many men have regrets when it comes to past loves and if you make fun or point a finger at how unwise his part decisions in love were, you are going to alienate him. You have to be willing to accept him as is, past warts and all. Once your man feels that you love him, in spite of all the baggage he brings to your relationship, he'll feel closer to you and will be more likely to share his current feelings.

Create a Comforting Environment for Him to Share In

If your world is always filled with drama, you're going to discover that your man isn't all that keen on sharing the intimate details of what he's feeling. The reason is very simple. If he senses that you turn everything into a theatrical circus, he's not going to want to place himself in the middle of that. If a man believes that his woman will react in an over the top or emotional way, he will keep everything to himself. He doesn't want to tell you he's not ready for a commitment or he wants a break if he senses that you'll fall apart at the seams. You need to show him that you're emotionally mature enough to handle anything he throws your way.

To accomplish this it's important to be ready for any curve ball that he may throw in your direction. Always expect the unexpected from him. If he does share some feelings that are difficult for you to absorb, tell him as much in a calm way. Simply state that you appreciate his honesty but you need some time to process what he just shared with you. If you can do this, he'll feel more inclined to share everything he's feeling because he'll know that you can handle it in a mature and rational way.

Don't Be Too Eager to Always Share Your Innermost Feelings

One of the major hurdles that many couples need to get over is that one person is too quick, too eager or too assertive when it comes to sharing what they feel. Typically women take on this role. We feel so much for the man we're involved with that we just allow the emotional floodgates to swing open and we start rattling off everything we're feeling.

If your man isn't ready to share what he feels with you, he's going to feel cornered or pressured. If we're being honest, we can agree that we have a certain level of expectation that comes with sharing our hearts with a man. At the very least we expect him to reciprocate those feelings. If he doesn't, we feel embarrassed, he feels uncomfortable and the entire dynamic of the relationship changes.

A good rule to follow is to allow him to set the pace for the sharing of feelings. You may worry that this will result in confusion and a string of misunderstandings about what the relationship really is and where it's headed. When a man falls in love, he wants to share that with the woman of his desire. He wants to do that on his own timetable. He doesn't want to feel pressured into saying it before he feels completely ready. That's why you should accept the relationship for what it is, embrace the experiences you have and show him that you're the type of woman who will give him the emotional room he needs to sort through his feelings. If you can master that, you'll be well on your way to a deep connection with a man who feels you understand him. He'll see you as someone who is ready, willing and happy to wait for him to want to share his feelings when he feels ready.

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Also known as a spreadsheet, a workbook is a collection of cells on a single sheet where you can store or manipulate data. At times, you may observe some issues in the Workbook due to which you fail to access the content stored in it. This happens due to corruption of Workbook, which causes the inaccessibility of data. To access your data, you will need a valid data backup file. However, if the backup is not present, or corrupt, then you need to use a third-party application, known as excel repair software to retrieve your data completely.

For instance – Sometimes, when you try to access a MS Excel workbook, you encounter the below mentioned error message:

“Excel found unreadable content in Book_Name. Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook?”

When you click Yes, you get the following Excel recovery report:
Removed Records: PivotTable report from /xl/pivotCache/pivotCacheDefinition1.xml part (PivotTable cache)
In case your workbook is published on a Microsoft SharePoint Web Part report page, then it will not render. In addition, you receive the following error message:

“The workbook that you selected cannot be opened. The workbook may be in an unsupported file format, or it may be corrupt. Would you like to try and open this file in Excel?”

This error message states that the Workbook is corrupt or damaged. As a result of corruption, the file may not open and the data becomes inaccessible.


Following can be the possible causes for the above issue:

A PivotTable that uses key performance indicator (KPIs) is there in the workbook.

The KPIs are created in the Analysis Services Business Intelligence Development Studio.

One or more KPIs have are present in the Current Time Member property.


To resolve the above issue, consider the following measures:

The above issue can be resolved by removing the expressions or presence of KPIs from all Current Time Member properties.

In case, the workbook gets corrupted, you fail to access the contents present in the file. In such situations, you need to repair excel file to retrieve and restore the data from the corrupted or damaged Workbook file. Such excel repair application employ high-end scanning mechanisms to quickly scan and repair the damaged file. Due to their interactive user interface, these tools are easy to use and understand without any prior technical skills.

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What Hands Say About People

There are 2 basic rules you have to remember when looking at hand gestures: Open palms (when you can see the palms of someone's hands) suggests openness, honesty, and a liking, whilst closed palms(when you can see the back of someone's hands) suggests that they may be hiding something, are closed to your ideas, or are feeling like they are in authority.

Classic examples of this are seen in every day life. When people are apologizing, they may say something like “I'm sorry” coupled with presenting their two open palms. The open palmed gesture is like saying “I feel comfortable around you, I like you, I am being honest, and I have nothing to hide.” If you see someone making open palmed gestures at you, take this to heart and read their other gestures to confirm how they are feeling.

Closed palm gestures are used frequently too. For example when a child is lying or concealing something they will hide their hands behind their backs, and when someone doesn't feel like talking they will put their hands in their pockets – symbolizing that they are 'closed' and don't want to talk.

Again it is important to bear in mind that hands in pockets may also simply mean that the person is cold, or something else. Remember to read all gestures in groups and context.

Arm Signals

In body language, the arms are known as barriers that are put up to protect a person from harm. Arms gestures are typically used when a person is lacking in self confidence, feels threatened, or just doesn't want to hear what you are currently saying.

Arm gestures aren't a definitive “I don't like you”, however they do indicate when a person is having negative feelings towards you.

When someone is using repetitive negative arm gestures, coupled with crossed legs or ankles, you'll know its time to change the conversation.

Crossed Arms over Chest

Both arms are folded across the chest – this is a universal signal used everywhere. Its meaning is clear, “I don't agree with what you are saying, I am uncertain, I don't like this situation”.

Self Hug

The self hug is characterized by one arm at a person's side, and the other arm clutching at their elbow. As children, our parents or carers hugged us when we were feeling sad, uncertain, or tense. The self hug is an attempt to recreate the feeling of security we got from those hugs. A person using this gesture is likely feeling insecure.

Elbow Touching

Everyone likes to be touched. Interestingly, studies shows that people who touch others elbow are more liked than those who do no touching. I say elbows in italics because it is just that, elbows only.

The reason elbow touching is acceptable is because it is far away from the intimate parts of the body; touch a stranger anywhere above or below the elbow and their reaction may be a little different.

It is a fact that girls do more touching than guys, but equally: if a girl or guy touches your elbow it is a sure fire sign that they like you, and that they want your attention.

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Joanne, thank you for making this available

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The length of an essay depends on the nature of the topic you are writing on, but when you are required to write an essay within limited word count then it will baffle you. So, are you one of those who don't know how to compile within a limit of 250 word essay or 300 word essay? Or one of those who don't know how to even begins the essay? Whatever the case is, we are here to take you out of this trouble.

Whether your assignment is of 250 words essay or 300 word essay, we will provide you some secrets that will help you write a commendable essay within the given limit of words. Here is guideline which will help you write a 250 word essay in no time.

Step by step guide to write 300 word essays:

Step 1:

This guide can be used for every kind of topic that you have to handle within 250-300 words limit, following are the three questions that you should answer before beginning your essay writing.

What is your target market?

What is the objective of your writing?

What should be included in your 250-300 words essay?

Step 2:

Now, you have all the material that is needed to commence the essay writing, than you shouldn't wait for a second and start writing your essay.

Step 3:

Next most important thing in writing 250 words essay is to structure the essay, as the word count is very low, you won't be putting extra information in the essay. Therefore, the basic structure would only be consisting of an introduction, body and conclusion.


An introduction would comprise of an introductory speech about the topic and a thesis statement, the thesis statement should be very strong and should be one lined. At the end of the essay, you would be incorporating two or three sentences to support the thesis statement.


There should be at least three ideas that would be supporting the thesis statement in your 250 words essay. Body should be divided into some paragraphs describing each idea separately; the body should also be providing some concrete evidences so as to convince the reader that the thesis statement was correct.


The conclusion would be presenting a summary of the entire 250 word essay in not more than three to four lines. You can also provide important points from the essay into the conclusion so as to reconnect with the essay and its thesis statement.

Step 4:

Although, proofreading comes in the last but it is the most important thing that should never be neglected at any case. After completing the essay, read it again and again getting rid of all type of errors as much as possible. Generally, there are logical, grammatical, punctuation, sentence structure errors in essay writing.

Therefore, it is not difficult to write a 250 word essay or 300 word essays, the only thing required is a proper plan that will guide you to write an essay that is complete in every sense.

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Information technology is a term which refers to the methods, techniques, and systems that we use in sharing information to other individuals. This very technology may also be used when it comes to marketing or advertising a certain product or service. Information technology is helping this industry to improve its performance by bringing more sales and profit to their companies. The following are some of the reasons on why information technology has helped a lot when it comes to marketing a certain product or service.

Advertisements come in many form and this include online advertisement, TV commercials, radio commercials, and even through emails. Almost every form of communication that we have may be used to advertise a product or a service.

When you open your social networking account, you will see an advertisement and if in case you like it, you will definitely click it. This is how marketers use information technology in advertising their products or services.

On the internet, advertising is way cheaper than advertising through televisions and other media. This is because the internet has a wider array of audiences from where an advertiser could direct the advertisements to. If an advertiser only wants to advertise a certain product to a group of cosmetics enthusiasts, he will just probably advertise on websites where there are a lot of cosmetics enthusiast visitors thus further minimizing the cost of advertising through the internet.

Today, with the advantages that information technology brings to marketing and sales industry, advertisers are able to promote their products more effectively than ever.

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There are many online stores which specifically sell designer baby clothes. These stores have set a standard of quality, original design, sustainability, and affordability. Some do not only offer designer baby clothes, but bedding and teenager clothing options as well. One such children's' clothing boutique is the Little Skye or the Baby Skye boutique selling Eliane et Lena's collections among other sought after collections like Eva & Oil and Mim Pi collections.

Eliane et Lena's collections of children fashion available at Little Skye or the Baby Skye boutique are always up to the minute french design. Eliane et Lena designer clothing is characterised by great attention to detail and co-ordinating styles that can be mixed and matched for everyday or special occasion outfits. They carry the designer baby clothes for girls for basically two age ranges: 6 month to 4 years and 2 years to 12 years. They also carry Eliane et Lena designer boys clothes from 6 month to 3 years, which dependent on the collection is either very classic or funky and fun with lots of detail.

Seasonally, Eliane et Lena girls clothes, readily available at childrens' clothing boutique, offer lots of 'easy to wear' dresses, tunics and of course as always, a fantastic range of accessories, including tights and leggings. There are also great winter coats to complement and finish off the outfits.

A little on Little Skye's Mim-Pi Collections:

Mim-Pi or Mimpi means 'dreaming' on the island of Bali. According to founder and designer of Mim-Pi – Leonora Nieuwenhuizen: “Girls must feel like a princess and be able to dream of a magic world. That is the idea behind every collection I design; dreams, sweet, girly.

For me it is important that children can be children. And girls can be girls. That is why I like to work with special details and colors, which is what they like.”

Mim-Pi clothes all are made of the most beautiful fabric, manufactured with rich prints, applications and embroideries. The main collection is made of the best quality cotton and lycra. And last but not least, the collection is affordable. Mim-Pi is offering two complete collections a year, one in mid July and one in mid January. Baby Skye boutique is pleased to offer Mim-pi Children's Clothing for ages: 2-10 Years.

Eva and Oil is a kid's label run by the American-Danish design duo Michelle and Jeanette, who are based in Paris. It is a line designed so that kids can wear the clothes and be comfortable as well as look real cute. Not only do they design cute clothes but also great maternity bags that turn into a laptop bag once you have phased out nappies!

There are many reasons to seek out designer baby clothes, sustainable options; and, especially when shopping online, there are numerous children's' boutique that sell children's designer clothing, as well as toys and other products that offer a much more sustainable future for the children they are purchased for.

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With starve to provide the easiest, fastest, and user-friendly email client; Microsoft has launched MS Outlook 2010. MS Outlook 2010 has more attractive user interface with an ease to locate the menu items. Apart from improving the graphical user interface, Microsoft has also increased the maximum size limit of MS Outlook.pst file to 50 GB. Due to this increase in the PST file, fear of the PST damage has been almost vanished from the mind of Outlook users. Therefore, they keep on using Outlook without thinking about reducing the size of PST file, which sometimes slows down MS Outlook.

However, MS Outlook itself compresses PST file on some regular intervals to reclaim the extra space available in the PST file but for that following conditions needed to be true:
First, Outlook must be in running mode. CPU is not busy is performing tasks such as copying, moving, or downloading data.
If these conditions will be true then Outlook prompts you to compress Outlook PST file and when you click the OK button, MS Outlook starts compressing the file. Once the file is successfully compressed, the size of PST will be reduced. However, it is suggested to do not wait for Outlook to prompt you to compact PST. You should manually compress Outlook PST file on some regular interval of times to free up the space grabbed by the items marked for deletion. This article describes the process to compress Outlook PST file in MS Outlook 2010. Execute the following steps to compress the PST file:
Start MS Outlook 2010. In the Ribbon select the File tab. Select the Info tab. Select the Accounts Settings tab. Click the Accounts Settings button. Select the Data Files tab. Select the PST file that you want to compress. There can be multiple PST files attached with your account; therefore, select the one which needs to be compacted. Click the Settings button. Select the General tab. Click the Compact Now button. As you click the Compact Now button, MS Outlook 2010 starts to compress Outlook PST file. When the process to compress PST file will be completed, you will get a successful message. Now, click the OK button. Click the Close button. Restart Outlook to see the effect on Outlook performance.
This is how you can compress Outlook PST file in Outlook 2010. Using the Outlook's built-in feature to compress PST file, you can only reduce the size of the PST by removing the space consumed by the items deleted from the “Deleted Items” folder. Therefore, the effect of compressing PST file on Outlook's performance may be negligible if no items are marked for deletion. In that case, you need to reduce the size of PST file by removing email attachments from PST and by placing them to another folder.

Attachments consume a lot of space in PST; therefore, if you place the attachments at another place then you can reduce the size of PST to a considerable extent. You can later on use those attachments whenever required. You can remove the attachments from all emails in your mailbox in on go using the third party compress Outlook PST file tool. Third party tool provides you various options to compress the PST file from which you can select the required one to compress Outlook PST file.

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Hi friends..I am siva kumar,basically I am an electrical engineer from india and now I am working in Indian Institute of technology as project associate.My interest is too built robots which are helpful in real time basis and my other interest is to share my knowledge to others who needs it urgently.So i want to share one secret with you so that you will understand my core idea of writing this article.When I started my career in engineering I was not 100% confident in what I was studying because the training given by my college is useless.But there is no point to complaint about this matter because no one cares about this. So I started reading lots of articles in internet which told me to plan my path for which I am studying,then only I realized that reading reviews given by visitors before we read a particular site is so important to know the quality of the site that we are visiting rather than reading a useless site which is nearly a waste of time .So now I am going to tell my aim of the article is to tell you that the below mentioned site is awesome which helped me a lot to clear many interviews easily and that site also helped my class mates too. So I advice you to read the below mentioned contents in the site fully which will change your life quickly in a positive way and the site name is Electrical interview questions with answers (

Above site covers the twisted and basic questions in field of electrical department and if you have any other questions related to it feel free to write those questions in the comments section of the above site and those questions will be answered as soon as possible.Site covers topics related to (1) AC & DC generator principle, working, advantages and disadvantages of it,(2) AC & DC motor principle,working,advantages and disadvantages of it,(3) Transformer principle,working,advantages and disadvantages of it,(4)Power factors basics,(5) Transmission and distribution line parameters and their role to play in the field,(6) Principle and working of electrical appliances like fan,tubelight and so on. (7) Explained topics related to power electronics like SCR,IGBT,BJT and so on.

All the answers given for the questions given in the site are verified by professors and so my sincere advice is too read those questions daily and I guarantee the hr of different companies will mostly concentrate on the questions that are given in that site so this is a easy way to impress Hr quickly in a easier way without any trouble.Generally HR will surely ask about the project work done in college in each and every interviews and you can impress him only if you know the exact operation of each and every components that you used in your project and so this site will teach you quickly about it. ALL THE BEST.

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Brand- Meaning-Significance

Brand is a distinctive symbol or name created with the intention to identify and recognize the goods or services of one seller or a particular group of sellers. Another purpose is to differentiate such goods or services from its competitors. As such a brand signals to its customers the specific source of product and attempts to protect both the producer and customer from competitors who ultimately endeavor to provide products that seems to be identical. (Kotler, P and Armstrong, 1996)

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The convenience and use of websites services call for that each attempt, regardless of what size, possesses a profile on the internet.

People today are browsing through the internet as a popular and economical way to look for their vendors if the need is for something such as accounting company or lawyers or a trader for a big Business.

It is important for every enterprise looking for good results to acquire a bit of existence online. It is more to the point to make sure that the existence work well in advertising terminology, e.g. the web page should express and illustrate you as authority from the company.

Make sure to get your web site made masterfully at cheap price:

At Magik New Media we discover exclusively constructed websites in a range of classes as well as an array of unique web pages, commercial web pages, and online business sites. Our proficient employees can easily design website that be right for you. And also being the simplest strategies to build a website page, our Magik New Media online business services in Brisbane is by far the lowest priced. Our Magik New Media web design services in Brisbane can really enhance your current web site. We are able to set up a website inside a short time, which can set your online world and may become ideal for your business take the advantage of our expert services.

Seeing that the expenses of building your website so affordable, who else would not?

Price ranges begin from the small sum

A website consists of:
An overview of the company. Information on acquisitions supplied together with pictures, charts or graphic illustrations. The option for a visitor to both buy straight from the Web site as well as post and query, question, inquiry, interrogation with specifics through an email address. The Web site has to be hosted well to produce accessibility when you want.
Magik New Media (Brisbane) focuses on putting together a complete Website design and Web hosting solution.

Website design Brisbane and Web hosting Brisbane Services:
Web Design. SEO Strategies. Web hosting service. Identity Mobile Apps Interactive Design Web Application Design Print Design Photo Retouching
All the services are in a preset affordable cost.

Magik New Media is a Brisbane web design company offers predetermined cost options intended for certain companies and professionals such as attorneys, accountant, designing, printing organizations and so on in Brisbane and through Australia.

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